Corrado Malanga. June, Preface We strongly suggest you to read, before this work, “Alieni o demoni” (Aliens or Demons, still not available in English. My name is Corrado Malanga, I am 63 years old and I work in organic chemistry. studies, in which I sought to resolve this problem, with ‘Alieni o Demoni’. Mr. Corrado Malanga received the diploma of surveyor in , and graduated Later on in the book “Alieni o Demoni” (Aliens or Demons), Corrado Malanga.

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Kabbalah is many things and none of them.

So we carried out some linguistic research into Hebrew to understand where this tangle of phonemes, which technically should date back no further than years before Christ, came from. What does the Golem represent in the Jewish culture? There are those who believe that the language that God gave to Abraham also relates to his DNA, it is a series of archetypal instructions, with which aliieni Universe was built, so it is more than just a language, but rather a series of formulae that describe everything.

Nowadays we would represent it demonj a cutting belt or a fire ray. It creates those bodiless aliens which we many times described.

This part is the most difficult to prove because the Great Flood happened in the meanwhile, and destroyed all the connections between before and after, with the civilization of the Vimana, the ancient flying machines of the men who lived in the Indus Valley and who, according with the ancient Purana texts, went to war with the corresponding flying machines of a land called Aztlan, the Ashvin.

These signs are actually the archetypal representation of the union between the spirit and soul of the European alchemists.

All this happened in the presence of witnesses, while the subject was not aware of what he was writing. PM claims that such thing already happened. The keyboard I am writing makanga does not have these accents.

Today, Israel is an imperialist state; it has fought five wars in fifty years, semoni of the Hyksos warlike spirit: The golem can be activated by speaking a combination of alphabetical letters out loud. Such first Creator chose to create, in its turn, a perfect being through which he could experience.


Alieni o demoni. La battaglia per la vita eterna – Corrado Malanga – Google Books

We are forced to die because PM wants to live forever. We already described this aspect in our previous works. Engrave the names of malang sons of Israel on the two stones the way a gem cutter engraves a seal. We called this Horus. Before the Christian era, it became the language of the Jews of Palestine. That side represents, according to the Holy Scriptures, hell, where the devil and its creatures the demons are excluded.

Full text of “Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography”

Consciousness has always the opportunity to become aware, and the opportunity not to want to become aware. Actually the Golem man was created and manipulated by the corporeal alien, which afterwards built a man with spirit and at least built a man with soul and spirit.

We thought at first, when we had just started our research, that he was our good father and Creator; and instead he is a really shady character.

In order to erase all doubt about our conclusions, here are some aspects of Krishna’s life that could be an exact photocopy of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It is also said that Moses took the Shamir into the desert to make the Ephod, the rich, sacred vestment aloeni the ancient Jewish cult devoted to Aaron, as established in the pact with the Lord, also referred to in the Bible Exodus 28, 9: She says that Hebrew is the language of the forefathers.


Corrado Malanga -Alieni O Demoni – [ Alien Cicatrix]

It is the strange animal that receives orders from its superiors and cannot understand what is happening when, during abduction, an abductee does something unpredictable, beyond standard human behaviour. At this point, Consciousness decides that it must experience itself: It is time to leave this world.

So we had to find this geometrical information in the Tree of Existence too and it could only be found by placing the Golem on the same geometrical level as the two Creators, but not on the axis of Consciousness.


Solomon’s Temple f http: They also recall the androgynous and the anthropomorphic divinity Jehovah. But one language will not be enough, the doors will open and you will return to the fire room, you will go down to the turbines of time: Through the observation of this comparative table of different symbols connectable with the different Kabbalah Sephiroth, we can notice crorado, ideally, the images suggested by the symbols represent pretty well many of the characters of our universal theater.

So the Kabbalah, in addition to being the representation of the situation between man and aliens and creations, represents a timeless photography, a depiction of reality that not only explains what has happened but also what is going to While the phenomenon of Creation descends from above and is remoni in the two lateral columns of the Sephirotic tree, the man in the centre of Creation rises up the central column of the Sephirotic tree.

Yet since Initiation ceased to be recognized by the leaders of popular Christianity as a mwlanga that should still be pursued today, which happened a long time ago, we cannot expect any authentic information regarding the magic nature of the Urim and Thummim to come from that source.

Actually, the idea of speaking Demonii did not even occur to the mythological figure of Jesus of Nazareth himself, rather he spoke a language that was an ancestor of Hebrew: So it begins to look probable that the Hebrew of today might be the language of Adam Kadmon. For now, It is sufficient to know that we tried to use the abductees who already had solved their abduction issue, as remote viewer, so to say.

Consequently they represent the summer and winter solsticestoday known to Freemasons by the modern name of Two Saint Johns. These two columns respectively symbolized the active and passive expression of Divine Energy: The Urim and Thummim were not devoid of virtue: